Say NO to binge 'Harry Potter' reading!

(♫♪marching band music♫♪)

  (howling desert wind)

 (♫♪sleazy saxophone♫♪)


 (♫♪theme from Fahrenheit 451♫♪)


Wouter Bruneel said...


Ted Blackman said...

Funny shit. Damn, you're making me look like a bum; gotta update my own blog.

Ted Blackman said...

Hey, kick up your font brightness a bit. I can't find them in my old age. :)

Ted Blackman said...

Hallelujah, I can find the fonts! Thanks for kickin' up the house lights.

Koen De Koninck said...

that sparkly butt made my entire week!

jamie holmes said...

Are.. My kids are not there yet. Thank god. Great panel!