Videostores (RIP)

Every once in a while you pass along a video rental shop going bankrupt.

A very sad thing but also .. MEGASALES!

“Oh no you don't! You promised me a romantic walk in the forest!”

“Screw them trees! I have to get my 11th copy of Blade Runner!”

♥♪♫ “Yooo-hoo Rachel*, here I come!” ♥♪♫

(* Lead character in Blade Runner)

Inside the store, nothing, every shelf scavenged...

Apart from that one Disney cheap-ass knock-off.

Oh where are the days when this was a thriving bussiness of entertainment products passing through thousands of hands...

You'd enter the place and of course any self-acclaimed cool dude..

...would immediately avoid any news films (boring crap)

Romantic comedies? (Yuck!)

“World cinema'?! (GOD NO)

A quick nod to the man behind the counter...

who doesn't remember you at all..

And then off to THE SCI-FI and HORROR section!

You'd linger there for at least half an hour,
trying to find a decent movie you didn't see yet.

only to pick up the one you saw a 1000 times already.

But then...

Uh-oh! It's the porn section behind the curtain.

ADULTS ONLY! You really shouldn't!

The hell I should! BY LAW i am an adult and I have
to look at filthy pictures!

And besides, the place is rather quiet.. noone will see you enter.


WHAAAAT?! There's 2 guys in here already!


And Him!


Aaaargh! This section is as small as a closet!

Okay, get your shit together. MAN UP!

GO read some sleeves like you are actually looking for something.


Oh God, they are making their way towards meeeeee

Pokerface Pokerface Pokerface Pokerface Pokerface Pokerface Pokerface

Ha! They left!

Mwauhahaha I have the place to myself.

Now let's see....


That ain't no CHOCOLATE!

Brothers , let us BURN this FILTH TO HELL!!


“Yo, thats 80 francs”