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Yes it's one of those 'let's-post-some-random-sketches-so-followers-won't-think-i-died-or-something-like-that'posts



The Trainspotters

Trainspotting is a hobby obsession that , because of its busy rail network, can easily be enjoyed in Belgium.

Your typical trainspotter:

I once saw a whole family of UK trainspotters.
The 2 sons, (age 35 - 45 !) were frantically watching outside the window , on the look out for other trains.

Once a train was spotted, they'd quickly note down something in their notebooks. (I'm guessing the locomotive type,
passenger car type and serial numbers)

Meanwhile mom and pops were enjoying the quiet ride.

Untill we passed a station with special maintance trains, rail inspection trains etc.

Pops spotted it immediately

Quickly jotted it down in his book

And enjoyed the rest of the trip with a blissfull smile on his face.

I guess he managed to add a rare species to his collection!



When you and 2 other story artists are laid off at the same time...


Morrone in a mess

Marc Cerrone + Giorgio Moroder ?

Jean-Pierre Morrone!
Watch his rise and fall below:


I got myself a new pal !

during daytime:

and in the nightime:

goodnight buddy!


Brothels of Belgium

Inktober 2013 • week # 4¾

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