Sketchbook scans


'Thunder & The Magic House' - Storyboards (2012)

I managed to scavenge some boards i did for this stereoscopic feature.

This next one lacks a lot of extra poses/panels, well, compared to how i'm currently boarding
plus i'm not a big fan anymore of pasting screencap'd 3D backgrounds either,
but it saves a lot of time when you're in a tight spot.

All animatics edited by Jeremie 'Jéjé' Degruson.


Little Houdini Background Paintings

Some backgrounds from Little Houdini , a TV special about the adventures
of young Harry Houdini in NYC.
I came in late in production but had lots of fun painting these !
(2d layouts by Ghislain Cloutier)


Two more animatic tests.

Some more testing out & playing around with Storyboard Pro 4.


The Void

Playing around with Storyboard Pro instead of the usual Adobe programs.


'Thunder & The Magic House' - Production Artwork

Here is a tiny selection of the massive amount of work I did for this stereoscopic feature film:

Some concept drawings/beatboards...

Background colorkeys...

Character Design...

Prop design... (record sleeves and family/heritage painting)

i'll post some storyboards another time...


Tophits + Tektoons Channel

After seeing loads of folks making actual new, funny & exciting cartoons,
I decided to pump some new life in my dormant youtube account
and edit any future storyboards into actual filmclips.
As much as I love the scroll-down panel format, these things are bit locked inside this blog
and unpractical to copy/paste in other webpages.
Unfortunately , the clips won't be fully animated,
I lack the time (& willpower) to be animating and coloring all the scenes.

And to kick it off
here's a tape I found with our household # 1 hits!