Hobs & Bozniak

Discarded character concepts for a 'Talking Tom & Friends' webisode I boarded
(yes, thàt Talking Tom cat from the app)


'Thunder & The Magic House' - Storyboards (2012)

I managed to scavenge some boards i did for this stereoscopic feature.

This next one lacks a lot of extra poses/panels, well, compared to how i'm currently boarding
plus i'm not a big fan anymore of pasting screencap'd 3D backgrounds either,
but it saves a lot of time when you're in a tight spot.

All animatics edited by Jeremie 'Jéjé' Degruson.


Little Houdini Background Paintings

Some backgrounds from Little Houdini , a TV special about the adventures
of young Harry Houdini in NYC.
I came in late in production but had lots of fun painting these !
(2d layouts by Ghislain Cloutier)