Le Petit Prince - Colorkeys

No jokes in this post, sorry.
This is work I did for a '4D' ride movie (aka 3d glasses + tilting seats in theme parks)
For the clockwork images I used a lowpoly layout reference


E.T. 2010

When I was 7 my dad took me to see E.T.

now that my own son is 7, it was time for a similar viewing

and so...

but 2 days later...


Pool Rant

I went 1 hour earlier to my weekly swimming exercise than I normally do.
Half the pool was occupied by a swimming club , the rest of us had to cram in a tiny lane.
But the worst part are what I call the chatties (always women ofcourse)
blocking a fast pass-through

and ofcourse they have to stop , blocking the entire wall.
How am i going to do a full 25 meter length with them glued to the side?
I aint turning back sooner, I payed for a full 25 meters!
Out of my way, numb beasts!

Awkward moments follow

maybe i should try different techniques...

If i stop posting after next week, something went horrible wrong :)



We didn't have too much confidence in the swim teacher...

the first lessons were horrible ofcourse

but with practice comes art!




Ideas for stories, gags, inventions
Where do they come from?
How do you get them?

A lot of them happen during that snoozing moment in the morning

Aaaah... blisfull floating between states of consiousness....

then there are those instant ideas

let's see that in slowmotion:

But the best ones occur during work

and then comes the pitching of those 'brilliant' ideas...


Full Option

Why do i see these things only in limousines but not in familycars?