Sammy's Adventures 2

Happy Newyear everyone and welcome to my Big Ass Comeback post!
Ok, it's not a comeback but I'd like to share these drawings with you anyway.
I had the chance to work as character designer on the Sammy 2 feature aka 'Escape from Paradise'.

here is a very small selection of what I pumped out between april and november 2010:


DanS said...

Thanks for posting this. Very inspirational. When I look at your characters I can already start imagining their backstory and how they would talk.

willborough said...

awesome ofcourse! :)


Don Flores said...

very very cool, you've been busy!

Keunemeun said...

F*cking awesome!

Ted Blackman said...

Damn, you're really good. What amazes me is the final model looks just like your concept development. Every vis dev art I've ever done for a feature just gets completely watered down and rethought by committees.

tek! said...

thanks everyone!
I ofcourse picked the special one that got flawlessly thru the pipeline.
I know everything about those watering-down commitees!

Geeo said...

Wow dude. These are soo goood. I love the dude with the shorts and high socks..Im sure I have seen him somewhere in the city.. haah

sumon said...

vette shit!