Animator Uniforms

What if animation employees get to wear uniforms?

Just like a policeman or fireman but ofcourse more stylish with artistic flair

and a subtle hint of the animation film heritage.

hmm... maybe too pompous for a deskjob

Aha! This costume radiates precise, practical craftmanship for the bourgeois clientele


.... i guess we have our winner costume!


Kirun said...

if only....

souv said...

I really like the first design! hahahaahha!

Ted Blackman said...

That's tellin' him, Frenchie! More f/n genius from Tek.

I believe my uniform would be something along the lines of the starched shirts and short pants of the German hitler youth, but not that dull drab, I would prefer purple silk with red piping. Too much?

kristien said...

Excellent!! ilove it!

willborough said...

actually we have been wearing these every friday. very comfortable!


Charles M. said...

Too funny!! The second to last picture really had me!

Excellent job!

Keunemeun said...

I'm gonna try it tomorrow! Although the first design is also stylish. It demands the respect that animators desperatly need!

Wouter Bruneel said...