Don't Do Coke

lazy sketches from the train put in sequence

edit: the last 2 frames keep repeating themselves. please ignore that.


chrisallison said...

ahhahahahaha, hilarious tek! i like the bulging eyes used as handles and the whole thing.

i'd love to see you do a film!!!1

david gemmill said...

hahahah man this is fucking great!! the hand lick. really hilarious subtle stuff going on!!!

did you do these with photoshop on layers? how did you time it out?

tek! said...

thnx guys!
i pasted layers in PS yes and then
tried to make an anim gif in premiere but it %*&@# screws up the timing.
anyone got a better prog to do anim gifs? im trying the CS2 animation tool
next time , cause i'm working on a new sequenced board.

Kristen McCabe said...

Haaaaa! The faces he makes when he's giving her surprise butt sex are hilarious. Especially the one where he's grabbing her by her eyes.

Your Artwork is Glorious! I wish I was friends with you in real life.