Full Option

Why do i see these things only in limousines but not in familycars?



Stag Night Standoff

we saw these fine gentlemen last weekend on yet another dance festival.
(oh yes we are becoming total party animals lately!)

the ill fitting rubber 'the gimp' mask probably hid his shame when his
mate prompted the classic line:
'can we have a free icecream, he likes to suck on something'

oh boy.

5 minutes later this fella came strolling by.

what if these 2 stagnight groups came face to face?!

or more like this?

or this?

but probably just this:


Pet Rabbits

You'd think they would be gratefull if you'd make an idyllic pen for them, right?

Wrong! The little bugger escaped!
Poor thing, she is probably starving in a ditch right now

Or worse!

Before getting a new rabbit, I upgraded the pen a bit:

Ah! Finally the gratefull respect I demand!