Brothels of Belgium

Inktober 2013 • week # 4¾

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Pieter said...

Zalig! Zo sfeervol!

jamie holmes said...

Looks great man. Was it a job or was it for your own self-indulgence?

willborough said...

All this inktober stuff is fantastic! Nice to some 'old' technology used so well. The first one is my favourite.



tek! said...

thanks @ll.
Jamie: I sure wish I was payed for this.(personal project)

Dunon said...

Ils sont vraiment magnifique tes encrages grand Maitre :)
De plus, cette série est vraiment excellente, tu dessines les femme avec tellement de grâce et de finesse, bravo, vive toi

Fred said...

Ik beeld me de baan Kontich Waarloos in.
Mooi kleurwerk!

Pedro Vargas said...

Wow, man! These are insane!! Great job!

Ems said...

Inspiring!! really cool series of drawings