E.T. 2010

When I was 7 my dad took me to see E.T.

now that my own son is 7, it was time for a similar viewing

and so...

but 2 days later...


Chris_Garrison said...

Ha! Awesome. I love your dad in the first panel, and everything else. I was afraid it was going to be a story where your son is completely unimpressed, but I'm glad it wasn't. Because I totally loved (and love) E.T., too.

jamie holmes said...

Hell.. Yess.. E.T had a huge impact on me when I was a lad.

Good stuff. :)

All the best
Jamie Holmes.

Ted Blackman said...

Ha ha ha! You have such a great knack for story telling, Tek. The 'lights, camera, action' panel is great. The roof is such a natural playground for children, too.
I wonder, if you screened TRON for him if you'd find him inside your gutted computer?

Oh, your pop had really cool boots in '82.

teyem said...

Good stuff! Wanted my bike to fly so bad after I saw E.T.

Kristen McCabe said...

hahahaa! That's sooo CUTE!

Steve said...

M&Ms! Way to work a theme! My son is 6, we may be grabbing this one soon. I had forgotten how awesome.. and sad it was!
Thanks Tek!

Charles Santoso said...

hehehe.. this is really great. Love your stories! :)

The 3rd panel is awesome hahaha :D

Look forward for more.

Charles Santoso