Pool Rant

I went 1 hour earlier to my weekly swimming exercise than I normally do.
Half the pool was occupied by a swimming club , the rest of us had to cram in a tiny lane.
But the worst part are what I call the chatties (always women ofcourse)
blocking a fast pass-through

and ofcourse they have to stop , blocking the entire wall.
How am i going to do a full 25 meter length with them glued to the side?
I aint turning back sooner, I payed for a full 25 meters!
Out of my way, numb beasts!

Awkward moments follow

maybe i should try different techniques...

If i stop posting after next week, something went horrible wrong :)


kristien said...

haaahaa!! maa wel ni 100% vrouwvriendelijk eee?!
tsss, macho :)

nice sketches!!

chrisallison said...

HAHAHAHA great, hilarious drawings tek!

Ted Blackman said...

Swimming naked might help also. Tec, you speak for all of us. You're a funny commentator on life.

jamie holmes said...

There must be a trick that icludes taking a dump or peeing in the pool. :O

Good stuff Tek.


Gavin Mouldey said...

That last one is perfect. I had this same situation at the pool this week, only I've had the sniffles so just as I emerged in front of a gaggle of wall-hoggers a long stringbow of snot swung around my face. Before the end of each subsequent lap I was doing an awkward few strokes with my hands swiping past my face to wipe it clear, inadvertently making it worse by lengthening the bogey rope.

david gemmill said...

hahaahahahahaha awesome DING DONG and butt in face! i love it.

Keunemeun said...

Haha, very recognisable. But in my pool it's always strange, older guys.

ryan said...

i felt as if i were there!

Ted Blackman said...

Okay, time to post again. Don't you think?? I laughed again at the swimming stories, but it's time for more!! Stop smokin that weed and get busy.

Floriaan said...

Hahaha heerlijk!

Anonymous said...

Misogynist: you will be left behind in history

tek! said...

anon: back in the kitchen, you.
seems someone made your chain too long ;)