Pet Rabbits

You'd think they would be gratefull if you'd make an idyllic pen for them, right?

Wrong! The little bugger escaped!
Poor thing, she is probably starving in a ditch right now

Or worse!

Before getting a new rabbit, I upgraded the pen a bit:

Ah! Finally the gratefull respect I demand!


Chris_Garrison said...


Nicole Kozak said...

bahahaa amazing!

Kristen McCabe said...

hahahaaa! Poor little thing I hope you find her.

I had a pet rabbit when I was a kid. She was a real bitch and would constantly growl at me. (I had no idea rabbits growled, but it's true.)

chrisallison said...


Ted Blackman said...

Hey... this is FUNNY! I used to shovel rabbit poop when I was a kid. We used to have quite a few pens on the farm, so this was very nostalgic for me. -Ted

david gemmill said...

HAHHAH i missed this post somehow. ITS AWESOME!!!! i love the chain cuff on the tail. hilarious!