Tool Story

Simply awesome idea from co-worker Olivier De Cafmeyer.
We just need to sell this baby to a major studio for big buck$


Chris_Garrison said...

Haw! Way to go, Olivier! Full treatment, please!

( tek! go here and check out some of this big batch of sketchy comic layouts, will you? any comments you make would be super-appreciated:
Woo sketches )

Kristen McCabe said...

Hahahahaaa! The Sex Toys. I-LOVE-IT

Maybe you could sell it to the South Park guys? Better yet, sell it to my cousin Matt's production company "70/30 productions"

Keunemeun said...

Haha, that condom hiding behind the toilet paper! Those bully dildo's! Eat this, lasseter!

Anonymous said...

I'll buy that for a dollard !! ;o)

Chris Battle said...