I used to be addicted to oekaki , paintchat and other lowfi bitmap applications.
I spend hours & hours on it but i also learned to draw with a wacom because of them.
(it was the year i went digital)
here is a very small selection from then



nsfw aswell


andreas schuster said...

i remember you posting them from eatpoo days..
good times, never would have started drawing without the poo i guess..

Biocreep said...

even more choices! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Life's a box of chocolates hahahahaha

tonci said...

your stuff was my favorite oekaki stuff ever! the best!

(we used to chat back then too =)

Alex Liki said...

Man...I love your drawings!

david gemmill said...

damn dude. you kick ass..in any medium!

haha i love that bird "choices choices"

Tongue said...

choices waha! makes a decision hard..
the first pic(lil guy on barrel) looks like from a animation. very cool! tells a lil story!

Kaspar said...

I allways especially loved those moebius-influenced ones. Hopefully you saved all of them.

ryan said...

I really like all of these. They are all interesting in their own individually unique way. The composition of the robot eating panties and naked chick on her knees are particularly nice.

Anonymous said...

You crazy fuck!

Demonhand said...

I was going through all my old oekaki too in anticipation of my old site shutting down.

There was just something about oekaki that frees your creativity...maybe it was the thought that everything you did was tiny and the tools were not too flexible.

Those were good times!

Melvina said...

dude these drawings are out of control. hilarious!

Anonymous said...

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