Tour De Glance

another silly board.

anim gif storyboard (around 1mb) - click me

edit: can take a long time to load.
i'm looking for another way (other than youtubes) to upload these.


Kristen McCabe said...

Shmantastic as always, Tek! The face she makes when she lets one rip is the greatest drawing ever! I love the body deign of the guy biker, the panel where he lifts his butt in the air is brilliant.

What program do you use to put these together? It can't be adobe Image Ready?

Léonard PIVA said...

haaaa... :'D great.

Chris_Garrison said...

No emoticon can express how much I enjoy your blog, and these animatics are great.

For some reason, though, they gum up my Safari and make it crash. I have to open Firefox to watch them smoothly. But it's worth it.


Biocreep said...

Oh snap! You suprised me!

david gemmill said...

HAHHHAAHH i love these!!!!!!!

david gemmill said...

you're the man!!

ryan said...

haha nice

pane said...

great anatomy, expressions and everything.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha! a story full of nice twists! do want moar!

Anonymous said...

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