Subs Musicvideo feat. Alpha Rainbow

BAM! here it is.

tiny budget , insane deadline but we finished in time!
I wish I had the luxuary to work fulltime on this one and tweak a million things but
you cant win them all.

i would like to thank: the Subs ofcourse, kevin @ KGB, my main man David for the tight poses
Jelle and Slide for the 3d models on the bikes,
Luis and Bang for help on the bg's, Ophelie and Hermien for cleanup and coloring,
and last but not least Joris and Michele for their AE skills.


Kristen McCabe said...

that turned out Great, Tek. The effect on her leg is cool and the bg's are gorgeous

Pieter. said...

Dayum! Hot stuff!

patrick evrard said...

Nice one!

Anonymous said...

You got this up anywhere else? I'd love to see it.