i have a feeling i posted these already.. did I? didn't I? diddly diddly doo?
imma getting old!

quickie concepts for cgi 'virtual hosts'
i got a bunch more of these but they are even worse than these haha.

all (c) anygma 2008-2009


flaviano said...

holy stretcher!!!! a lot of beautiful stuff from the last time ive been here!
the sketches series is crazy great, love the alien robo rhino doing leapfrog!

Brun Croes said...

Dude your stuff rocks my lazy ass.

I added a link to your blog on mine, hope u don't mind :)

chrisallison said...

Awesome colors and designs. These are fun, Tek!

ryan said...

HAHAHAHAH whoa!! That alligator drawing really kicks ass!!

david gemmill said...

i love all of these.. you're a master of all things cartoony. including design colors and gags!