Holiday Sketches

many more here:
costa del knokkos 1
costa del knokkos 2
costa del knokkos 3
costa del knokkos 4
costa del knokkos 5
costa del knokkos 6


Mouldey said...

Your work is improving too fast for my likes. It's always been awesome, but now it's just well, awesomer.
Inspires me to get off my hermit arse and sketch, outside in the big bad world.

Between you, Aeronik, Scobot, Child Of Sin, Halitosis and the likes, eatpoo is a one-stop shop of skills.

akida said...

Oh zee butts, soft and nice! I missed them, btw that refreshing thing is all gone now, have no clue what is was and why/how it's gone <3

Emmanuelle.Walker said...

This series of sketches are amazing! And those three girls are so fun, and they have very interesting proportions. :-)

Patrick said...

I'm so glad I stop by your blog.Your drawings and idears are fantastic.And I needed a good laugh today.Thanks again for posting all those great images.

seongwoo im said...

hey cool style and
cool web site...
hope we can see some thumbnails
instead of swatches..but
swatches cool too..
may be swatch+thumbnail type things?

Adrian Hogan said...

Holy moley, these sketches are inspiring. I like how they capture the personality and gesture at the same time.